​What are Boya crayons?

​Boya is a soft wax pastel for drawing, coloring and painting. Boya crayons are designed differently, their shape is formed of edges, tips and round sides which allows you to draw with lines as well as colored surfaces or shades – main elements of every drawing and painting.

Boya crayons – creativity for all ages

Boya is a brand from Croatia, a creative vision of Zagreb based designer Maja Mesić. Name „Boya“ (which means color in Croatian) as well as the idea are based on the internationally awarded project – the innovative drawing tool . The development process started in 2009. after winning the prestigious Red Dot Award. Winning the Oscars of the design world was a push to make Boya the product it is today. We work daily on improving our manufacturing process as well as on developing the vision of the brand and color selection to be able to provide a different creative solution for everybody. 100% of our production happens in Croatia.

Boya crayons make the little ones more creative and artists more expressive.

Boya crayons are innovative drawing tool, designed to secure free, yet firm hand movement. Due to it’s rain drop like form Boya crayons are intuitive but they allow for completely individual approach to drawing. Children will love the fact you can draw with Boya crayons whichever side you turn them. They will have fun with strong and expressive color. Mom’s on the other hand will be happy to know Boya does not stain clothes, children’s hands and neither it does their work’s of art.​

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