Terms and Conditions

Information on company:
BOYA d.o.o.
Heinzelova 21
10000 Zagreb

e-adress: info@boya.hr

company is registered at: Commercial Court in Zagreb, MBS 080927433, OIB/PIN: 78228746241
VAT number: HR78228746241

IBAN: HR6123600001102435894
share capital: 20.000,00 HRK


By accesses and use of this web pages or by registration and ordering, it is considered that the User have read, understood and accepted terms and conditions as follows:

Holder of all rights on the web page www.boyacrayons.com and provider of services of internet sale through this page is the company BOYA d.o.o. (hereinafter: Boya), Heinzelova 21, Zagreb, PIN: 78228746241.

BOYA holds the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without a prior notice and shall not be responsible for any possible consequences arising from such changes. Changes shall enter into force by their publication on www.boyacrayons.com. In case the User continues to use such altered web pages, it shall be considered that the User has accepted altered Terms and Conditions.

The seller is not responsible in case web page www.boyacrayons.com are unavailable at any time or during any period of time.

The User or the End user is each person who in any manner, directly or/and indirectly, uses or has used services of BOYA.


www.boyacrayons.com undertakes to provide protection to personal data of its Users in a manner to collect only necessary, basic information on its Users necessary for fulfillment of our obligations. www.boyacrayons.com informs the Users on use of collected data and provides possibility of choice on use of their data, including possibility to decide on removal of their names from the list used for marketing campaign. All data on Users are strictly kept and available only to employees for the purposed necessary for performing of activities. All employees of BOYA and associates are responsible for data protection.


When placing an order, the User will receive an e-mail notice containing availability, price, selected payment method, and information about delivery methods and cost. The binding sales agreement is valid when an order is placed and confirmed by e-mail. The payment must be received prior to acceptance of an order. Upon receipt of your payment of total amount, the ordered items shall be delivered. We reserve the right to reject any order in our sole discretion. By submitting an order form, you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the image and color of the product may not completely correspond to the real product due to the Internet browser or monitor in use. We can not specify which products are subject to these differences due to production methods and used materials.

The order may be cancelled by e-mail of by telephone. The order may be cancelled at any time unless the ordered items are not already in process of delivery.

The service offers bank payments, and Pay Pal. When choosing bank payments, the user will receive instructions for payment. The delivery process may start only after receipt of the User’s payment. Any financial information will not be used for any procedure other than those relevant for purchase, issuing refunds or reporting cases of fraud to the authorities.


Product prices are item prices with VAT included, at the time of ordering. Total price is calculated while placing an order, which price includes costs of delivery.

We reserve the right to cancel the placed order based on information that contain errors or inaccuracies regarding pricing, delivery, payment terms or return policies.

In case we discover an error in prices of already ordered goods, we shall immediately inform the User. In this case, the User may confirm the order at the correct price or cancel the whole order. In case we do not succeed to contact the User, we shall cancel the order and refund the User in the same manner the payment was effected.


Delivery cost depends on country of delivery, the size and/or the weight of the items. Product prices and delivery charges include VAT and are displayed in HRK and EUR. Delivery cost is clearly included during ordering process. Delivery duration varies depending on destination.


User has a right to return the unused products, in original packaging, within 14 days upon receipt of the products. Sending us the statement on termination performs unilateral terminating of the purchase agreement.

While returning the products, the User is responsible for any possible damage. Full refund shall be performed in case returned products are received according to herein contained terms. The User shall bear all costs in relation to returning the products.

When receiving User’s product, we shall notify User claiming if we accepts return. In case we find that return does not match here noted conditions, User may choose to have product delivered back at no expense for Boya. If User refuses such an option we reserve the right to keep the product and the amount of purchase for the products.

If User notices damage on product, please notify us by mail within 8 days of receipt. E-mail should contain photographs and description of damage. User must return the product in the same condition in which he/she had received them. In case we determine (by examining the product) that we are responsible for damage, we shall provide you with a new product on our own cost.

We shall try to process User’s complain as soon as possible and at no longer than 30 days.


These Terms and Conditions are in accordance with Croatian laws and in the event of any dispute, such dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the RH.