Leaf Rubbings

Leaf rubbings are the funnest art craft for fall. And it is definitely fall now. The air is crisp and beautiful fall colors are all around us. Leaves have started to fall and this is where the fun starts. Creativity and nature are the best companions.

Leaf rubbings with boya crayons

​Start with a nice walk in the park and try to collect as many various shapes of leaves as possible. Any shape is great for leaf rubbings, but different shapes will make it more fun for the little ones. The fresher the leaf the stronger the foliage is going to be, so keep that in mind. Leaves with thinner stems are better because you will not be able to flatten the paper over it if it is huge.

So, what you need:

  • PAPER (simple printing paper works perfect for this project)
  • Boya Crayons
  • GLUE (optional) If you re working with smaller children you might want to glue the leaves to a surface so they don’t move too much when the rubbing happens:)

Basically, what you need to do is spread your leaves, cover them with paper, start shading over the paper with your Boya crayon and see the magic happen!

Children will learn about cause and effect, colors, shapes and textures and of course practice their fine motor skills. They can even draw small animals. Remember the Rubbed Leaf Hedgehog from Mama Pea Pod? How fun would that be to make?

Adults on the other hand can just enjoy a moment of art therapy.

We made a small video for you with our Secondary Set and a bit of red but picking colors is really up to you and your imagination!

Why are Boya crayons perfect for the leaf rubbings project?

Regular color pencils have a sharp and thin end, it would take ages to color a surface like this one and have the WOW effect we want. Crayons are a good choice if you can do the rubbings with the whole side of the crayon, but they are messy. Boya crayons on the other had have the shape that makes it possible to color wider strokes, it does not stain your hands thus no mess on your artwork either.

Pick your color now

We feel this is a perfect little project for the coming weekend and we can’t wait to see your leaf rubbings, so pleeease, please share your works with us. Join or Facebook or Instagram community and use our usual hashtag #myboyacrayons. In fact, if you tag #boyacrayonsoctober on any of your fall inspired crafts or flatlays because we will be sending a surprise to one of you at the end of the month.



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