Painter meets Boya crayons

When Azra Kostić, the painter behind Bajkovija art brand, contacted us to inquire about Boya crayons we knew right away that imagination can take you a long way.

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How did the first encounter go?


I was drawn to Boya crayons even before I had a chance to use them. I loved the design and the packaging so much that I needed to find out more about the whole project and Maja, their author. Soon after I just had to own one of the sets.
That first Rainbow set, the set of six crayons completely blew my mind – intensity of colors, interesting shape and nice packaging were the first things I noticed. I tried out how multipurpose  Boya crayons were when making one of my favorite motifs – the cat, and I was more than happy with the result. Contouring with Boya crayons is easy but at the same time you can fill spaces or make transparent lines.




Strong colors delighted my 16-months-old son who wanted in the fun immediately.  Boya crayons are a great choice for kids and parents alike. My son was very interested upon seeing them – at first he just looked and turned them in his little hands, but then he saw me making lines with them and joined in the fun.  He started poking the paper with them making dots and puling the crayons on paper making lines through play. However you hold them they will leave a mark of different thickness and texture, but your hands stay clean, because they are not greasy as other crayons.


Now we look forward to each new project with Boya crayons.


  • July 18, 2017
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