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Tribute to Eric Carle and multicolor Boya crayons

Children’s books author Eric Carle most definitely does not need to be introduced.. His signature collage technique is so recognizable, and simple yet rhythmic texts are perfect for children. Even non-English speaking families like ourselves can enjoy these books and learn something along the way. But, let’s get back to those collages! Aren’t they pure […]

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Painter meets Boya crayons

When Azra Kostić, the painter behind Bajkovija art brand, contacted us to inquire about Boya crayons we knew right away that imagination can take you a long way.   How did the first encounter go?   I was drawn to Boya crayons even before I had a chance to use them. I loved the design […]

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  • July 18, 2017
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Color red – the color of love

  They say red is the most temperament color. That emotionally intensive color is used to draw attention, rise blood pressure and speed your heart rate and breathing. Yet again, because of it can be compared to fire, color red symbolizes love and warmth. Cinnabar – pigment of color red Red Boya crayon was named […]

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