A journey through drawing outside the lines

COLOUR- To imagine the world without it, for most of us would be impossible. Can you do it? Can you set your mind to visualize your world without a colour even for a second? Hardly. It is omnipresent, an unbreakable bond with our surroundings, and our perception.  Colour is always doing something,  whether it sends a message or subliminal triggers an emotion. A whole spectrum of emotions that each colour brings to life in our everyday presence is something we usually take for granted. But, can we make or know the difference. Can we separate colour form emotions and finally can we live without them? That is how great o an impact the colour has on us.

It is not by mere chance in the moments when we feel sad, we refer to ourselves as ‘feeling blue’, or the moment we stop and look at the sunset, that yellow reddish sun that sets, and are speechless and breathless whilst present in the moment. A transcendent moment, thanks to colour.

From the very start, some 40 000 years ago, when the unique comination of chalk, soil animal  fat and burnt charcoal was mixed that created a earliest pigments, which lead us to a base of five basic colours: black, white, red, yellow and brown. At that moment the Art was born. What followed were the years of exploration, experimentation and both scientific and technological advances that lead to discovery and creation of new coulours and pigments. Artists uprgrading their methods their tools and colour combination with each new discovery, everchanging our history, present and future. From the moment the Artist was created, through the lenses of Sir ISaak Newtons experimet we went throught the History arriving at  The Colour Theory.

Today we recognize colour theory  as the science behind human colour perception. It explains our experience of colour, the perception of colour and the visual effects of colour in the way they mix match, or contrast with each other. Moreover, the Theory of colour is how artists communicate  their message. Through the interaction of colours and various mixed , matched and contrasting pigments, they convey emotion, which affect us so much.

What an amazing stream to be a part of.  

It is from  that same place  of fascination and constant inspiration that Boya Crayons were created. A tear drop in shape, non constricting, lines and shapes created in a complete sync with your hand, a fluid in movement Boya Crayons achieve  balance and stability , simply adapting to its form.  A new inspiring one of a king drawing tool that will help continue our ways of inventing and interpreting the colours and our perception.

So since we have started, there is no going back. Through this blog we will attempt to take a stroll down a colourful path of colours history, present and future. Its continuous impact on us and on the nature.

A stream of colours

We will explore Boya colours and show you how to THINK OUTSIDE THE LINES

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